SBL Shootaround

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 10

July 24, 2020

We are incredibly exciting to bring you this edition of Men's SBL Shootaround and we have no doubt it's our best and biggest show yet!


This is as full a show as you can imagine as we preview Round 1 of the West Coast Classic, we announce and decide the winner of our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Championship team, and we have two of the most remarkable guests in WA basketball you could ever hope to hear from.


Co-hosts Chris Pike and Ben Ettridge open up the show with an introduction and discussion of all that is to come before we get to our first guest, who makes quite a strong case for the Perth Redbacks of 1990 to win our NCAA Tournament.


Andrew Vlahov was the dominant figure of that 1990 championship team and he has no doubt they deserve to win this tournament. But to think that's all we have to talk to him about would be the world's biggest understatement.


This doubles as the chance for Ben to speak with his idol as well and the four-time Olympian, three-time NBL championship winner, Grand Final MVP, Australian Basketball Hall of Famer and all-round Perth Wildcats legend is incredibly generous with his time and has some remarkable stories that he shares with us.


But that's far from all on this show. It's then time for Glenn Ellis to make case for the 1991 Swan City Mustangs championship team he was part of. He makes a strong case too but again, that's far from all we spoke with him about.


Not only did Ellis play 140 SBL games after being a district competition star, but was an inaugural Perth Wildcats guard where he played 116 games and now he has gone on to win three Women's SBL championships as a coach, and be named Coach of the Year five times. He has a special story recollection of Bret Campbell too!


You might think that's all but it's then time for Chris, Ben and Kalamunda Eastern Suns coach Mark Utley to decide the winner out of the Perth Redbacks and Swan City Mustangs of the Ultimate SBL Championship team.


And we are still not done! It's then a full preview of Round 1 of the West Coast Classic, and then we wrap things up on a hell of a show!

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