SBL Shootaround

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 2

May 31, 2020

We are back with our second episode of Men's SBL Shootaround and we had so much to discuss it's hard to imagine how we would have found time to cover the on-court action should there have been any!

SBL writer Chris Pike and six-time Grand Final, two-time championship winning coach Ben Ettridge teamed up once more to take a look at what the 2020 SBL season might still hold while then having our very first guest which was a fascinating interview with James Fitch before analysing how four teams were looking coming into the season and then having a discussion of our favourite basketball movies of all-time.

The James Fitch interview is one you don't want to miss. Coming out of the University of Idaho, he joined the South West Slammers in 1990 and never left, retiring in 2001. Along the way he played 315 games, won four championships and was named Grand Final MVP on three occasions.

He discusses all of that but also goes in-depth about why he still calls Bunbury home, talks about how he'd fare in today's game, how he is back involved at the Slammers with Mark Worthington and recalls some stories from during his career that simply must be heard to be believed. He and Ben Ettridge also recall some of their old battle stories for good measure.

On top of that, talk then turns to how the Cockburn Cougars, East Perth Eagles, Geraldton Buccaneers and Goldfields Giants were looking ahead of the 2020 SBL season.

The show then concludes with a discussion surrounding the favourite movies of all-time relating to basketball from both our listeners and co-hosts, and that's a discussion that can't be contained to just the one show!

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