SBL Shootaround

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 6

June 30, 2020

This was such a big episode of SBL Shootaround that it couldn't be contained to one episode and we will be releasing a special bonus episode as well this week as a result!

Momentum is really building nicely now as we release Episode 6 of SBL Shootaround co-hosted by basketball writer Chris Pike and two-time SBL championship-winning coach Ben Ettridge.

As we build up to the West Coast Classic that will be replacing the 2020 SBL season, we have unveiled an NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Championship winning team, and this episode was all about the Round of 32 match ups that includes Dan Hunt's East Perth Eagles of 1988 going up against his son Liam's Geraldton Buccaneers team of 2019.

To celebrate that we are honoured on SBL Shootaround to have both Dan and Liam Hunt join us on the show together live from Geraldton. In a fascinating discussion, they both share their thoughts on how the match up would go both between their teams and individually, and run down the reasons they think their respective teams would win.

But we also chat to Liam Hunt about following his father's footsteps in Geraldton, the emotion of winning last year's championship, how excited he is to be playing West Coast Classic with brother Jesse, signing a contract to play the upcoming season in Germany and his NBL ambitions.

Dan Hunt also reflects on his remarkable 382-game SBL career with the Buccs on the back of his time at East Perth when he first came down under as an import. He talked about the nerves but pride he gets from watching his sons play, talks about the great teams and players he was part of, and even talks about Ben Ettridge being good for the game and league!

Then it's time to run down our predictions for the 16 Round of 32 match ups between all SBL championship winning teams and to do that, one of the league's great stalwarts and minds, Mark Utley chimes in as he and Ben give their predictions.

If that's not enough for this week, we'll also be releasing a very special bonus episode with an interview with Cockburn Cougars 1992 championship winning guard Michael Farrell as he dissects the championship winning teams, and shares his personal story that needed its own episode!

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