SBL Shootaround

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 9

July 21, 2020

Things are now really getting exciting on SBL Shootaround with the West Coast Classic getting underway this weekend and we are down to the final four teams in our Ultimate SBL Championship Tournament.


That all means that Episode 9 of the SBL Shootaround is another fully loaded episode not only for those reasons, but we have a very special guest to look forward to talking to as well.


First up on this week's show is talk about preparations for the West Coast Classic this weekend and also an update on the Elite 8 results of our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Champions and a look at the Final 4 match ups.


One of those teams left is the Goldfields Giants of 2007 who were coached by Stephen Charlton who is our special guest on this episode of SBL Shootaround.

With a remarkable life in basketball to talk about including 307 games as a player, three SBL championships as a coach and now his involvement in wheelchair basketball both with the Western Stars and national teams including the Gliders, there is no shortage of topics to talk to Charlie about.


We talk about his playing days, coaching days and everything in between including the success he experienced in a pressure-filled environment at the Goldfields Giants, coming back to Perth for success at the Cockburn Cougars and now life coaching wheelchair basketball too.


It's a conversation that easily could have gone on, but we tried to cover as much as possible with one of WA basketball's great servants.


Then before we wrap up this show, Ben Ettridge and Mark Utley are back to offer their thoughts on the Final 4 match ups in the NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Champions as we look ahead to our Championship episode which will double as a Round 1 West Coast Classic preview later this week.

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