SBL Shootaround

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 15

September 10, 2020

We are planning a monster final month here on SBL Shootaround to close out 2020 to coincide with the end of the West Coast Classic, and that begins this week as the finals heats up as we announce Player of the Week, update Player of the Year and speak with the reigning MVP who is on fire.

First up on SBL Shootaround for Episode 15 is a look at how the West Coast Classic is shaping up with just two rounds to go before the finals weekend and the Round 7 results and action that we saw on the weekend.

It's then time to decide our Wandering Distillery Player of the Week and while our guest for this week might have been the obvious choice, she's already received a voucher this season so that meant our 2-vote getting was named the winner for Round 7.

We then provide an update on the race to win the Bassett-Scarfe Realty Player of the Year award and we now have two players tied on 6 votes with two weeks remaining.

It's then time to turn our focus to our guest for this week and it's the reigning SBL MVP winners, Warwick Senators superstar and the West Coast Classic's leading scorer, Stacey Barr.

There's so much ground for us to cover with Stacey including her 49-point performance on Saturday and just how she feels when she gets in the zone like that.

But we also discuss her remarkable career playing in the SBL, Big V and SEABL as well as her four years at the University of Idaho where she went on to become the schools' all-time three-point leader along with a host of other accomplishments.

She's also had a stint in the WNBL with the Perth Lynx and we discuss her ambitions there along with having spent two years playing in the AFLW with the Fremantle Dockers as well as now moving into her teaching career full-time.

SBL Shootaround then continues with a preview of Round 8 in the West Coast Classic before Randy Miegel finishes off with another story from his lifetime in basketball. 

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