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Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 11

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 11

July 31, 2020

Well here we are, the West Coast Classic is underway and we review and preview all of the action on SBL Shootaround on top of concluding our conversation with the legendary Andrew Vlahov.


But to begin Episode 11 of Men's SBL Shootaround, co-hosts Chris Pike and Ben Ettridge go back to our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Championship team. The winner was announced back in Episode 10, but this week thanks to Brad French and SBL Online, we were able to simulate a three-game series between the Perth Redbacks and Swan City Mustangs which we discuss here.


We then dissect all the action in Round 1 of the West Coast Classic and talk about the big winners and losers, the standout performers and what we learned from the first weekend of the SBL replacement competition.


It's then time to finish our tremendous interview with three-time Perth Wildcats championship winning, 349-game NBL legend Andrew Vlahov who also represented Australia at four Olympic Games, is a Hall of Famer and has now been tremendously successful beyond basketball too.


We talk with the legendary figure about why the Perth Wildcats mean so much to him, who should have their singlet next hung in the rafters, the toughest opponents he come up against, seeing his son Ethan now playing under CJ Jackson in the SBL at the Perth Redbacks, and then his life outside of basketball and the successful life he has had, and continues to have.


Coming off that remarkable high, we take a look at all the matches to come in Round 2 of the West Coast Classic and we hope you all enjoy another massive episode of SBL Shootaround that we are tremendously proud to bring you.

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 9

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 9

July 31, 2020

What an exciting episode of SBL Shootaround we have to bring you to coincide with the opening round action of the West Coast Classic as the replacement for the SBL season in 2020 here in Western Australia.


It has taken until Episode 9 of Women's SBL Shootaround but co-hosts Chris Pike and Randy Miegel now have some real basketball to dissect and review following Round 1 of the West Coast Classic.


Not only that, but we are delighted to announce the first winner of the Wandering Distillary Player of the Round. The inaugural winner is Stacey Barr of the Warwick Senators and she receives a voucher to The Shoe Bar as a reward.


It's then time for our very special guest of this week and it doesn't get much much better than Tanya Fisher. In 141 games in the WNBL, she was a championship winner and Grand Final MVP for the Perth Breakers while also playing 222 games in the SBL including being named MVP when at the Perth Redbacks in 1995.


She now has daughters Eryn and Bree following in her footsteps, she was recently coach of the East Perth Eagles the last two years and still remains heavily involved in basketball today, and is never afraid to express her thoughts on a whole lot of topics on how basketball in WA can still improve.


And if that's not enough for this week's show, we then provide a full preview of Round 2 in the West Coast Classic and then announce our guest for Episode 10, which just happens to be SBL, WNBL, WNBA and Australian Opals legend Tully Bevilaqua.


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Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 10

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 10

July 24, 2020

We are incredibly exciting to bring you this edition of Men's SBL Shootaround and we have no doubt it's our best and biggest show yet!


This is as full a show as you can imagine as we preview Round 1 of the West Coast Classic, we announce and decide the winner of our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Championship team, and we have two of the most remarkable guests in WA basketball you could ever hope to hear from.


Co-hosts Chris Pike and Ben Ettridge open up the show with an introduction and discussion of all that is to come before we get to our first guest, who makes quite a strong case for the Perth Redbacks of 1990 to win our NCAA Tournament.


Andrew Vlahov was the dominant figure of that 1990 championship team and he has no doubt they deserve to win this tournament. But to think that's all we have to talk to him about would be the world's biggest understatement.


This doubles as the chance for Ben to speak with his idol as well and the four-time Olympian, three-time NBL championship winner, Grand Final MVP, Australian Basketball Hall of Famer and all-round Perth Wildcats legend is incredibly generous with his time and has some remarkable stories that he shares with us.


But that's far from all on this show. It's then time for Glenn Ellis to make case for the 1991 Swan City Mustangs championship team he was part of. He makes a strong case too but again, that's far from all we spoke with him about.


Not only did Ellis play 140 SBL games after being a district competition star, but was an inaugural Perth Wildcats guard where he played 116 games and now he has gone on to win three Women's SBL championships as a coach, and be named Coach of the Year five times. He has a special story recollection of Bret Campbell too!


You might think that's all but it's then time for Chris, Ben and Kalamunda Eastern Suns coach Mark Utley to decide the winner out of the Perth Redbacks and Swan City Mustangs of the Ultimate SBL Championship team.


And we are still not done! It's then a full preview of Round 1 of the West Coast Classic, and then we wrap things up on a hell of a show!

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode8

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode8

July 23, 2020

We are really excited to bring you this episode of SBL Shootaround which includes a full preview of Round 1 of the West Coast Classic and a very special guest who will be taking part and has been a stalwart of the league with a great story to share.


First up on the latest SBL Shootaround, co-hosts Chris Pike and Randy Miegel have a chat about the latest basketball news and also have a discussion about what it's like coaching your children and dealing with good and bad parents as a coach.


It's then time for our special guest and it's 165-game SBL veteran Amber Land. We talk about starting her career in WA with the Warwick Senators, the move to the Joondalup Wolves and why Perth is now home for her after a basketball journey that saw her play all round the world before arriving at the Senators.


We don't just discuss her SBL journey though. We talk about Amber growing up in Kulm, North Dakota and then attending Eastern Michigan University and also about the Land Performance Centre that she has now helped make a reality this year in Balcatta.


Randy also discusses with Amber the time he tried to recruit her to the Mandurah Magic, and they share journeys of their teams doing battle over the years as she reflects on a career in the SBL where she has been a remarkably consistent big averaging 14 points and 11 rebounds a game.


We then provide a full preview of the Round 1 fixtures in the West Coast Classic getting under way on Friday night.


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Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 9

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 9

July 21, 2020

Things are now really getting exciting on SBL Shootaround with the West Coast Classic getting underway this weekend and we are down to the final four teams in our Ultimate SBL Championship Tournament.


That all means that Episode 9 of the SBL Shootaround is another fully loaded episode not only for those reasons, but we have a very special guest to look forward to talking to as well.


First up on this week's show is talk about preparations for the West Coast Classic this weekend and also an update on the Elite 8 results of our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Champions and a look at the Final 4 match ups.


One of those teams left is the Goldfields Giants of 2007 who were coached by Stephen Charlton who is our special guest on this episode of SBL Shootaround.

With a remarkable life in basketball to talk about including 307 games as a player, three SBL championships as a coach and now his involvement in wheelchair basketball both with the Western Stars and national teams including the Gliders, there is no shortage of topics to talk to Charlie about.


We talk about his playing days, coaching days and everything in between including the success he experienced in a pressure-filled environment at the Goldfields Giants, coming back to Perth for success at the Cockburn Cougars and now life coaching wheelchair basketball too.


It's a conversation that easily could have gone on, but we tried to cover as much as possible with one of WA basketball's great servants.


Then before we wrap up this show, Ben Ettridge and Mark Utley are back to offer their thoughts on the Final 4 match ups in the NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Champions as we look ahead to our Championship episode which will double as a Round 1 West Coast Classic preview later this week.

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 8

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 8

July 15, 2020

Another week, another cracking episode of SBL Shootaround that we bring to you with two very special guests, talk about the upcoming West Coast Classic, our NCAA Tournament for Ultimate SBL Champions heats up further and one of our co-hosts has also been in the wars.

The latest episode of SBL Shootaround begins with the news that co-host Ben Ettridge has likely seen his basketball playing days come to an end having snapped his patella tendon, and since having undergone surgery leaving him grounded for some time.

Fellow co-host Chris Pike then puts Ben under the pump to choose his favourite teammate, coach to play under, player to coach and assistant coach before we turn our attention to our special guests for this episode.

First up is Lakeside Lightning legend Jarrad Prue. With three SBL championships and 384 games under his belt, and being the league's all-time leading rebounder by a mile, he has already built a tremendous legacy and it was our pleasure to have him join us to reflect back on his career.

Jarrad opens up about what basketball means to him and what his plans for the future are while reflecting back on his career and discussing the tremendous work he's put in to ensure he has always been in outstanding physical condition. We also reflect on the favourite teams he's been part of, his coaches and the teammates who have earned his everlasting respect.

We also discuss life beyond basketball with the husband and father of two, and partner in the BDO accounting firm. And that's just the beginning in a fascinating interview that we hope you all enjoy.

We then have a chat with inaugural Perth Wildcats NBL player and Wanneroo Wolves SBL player Bryn Jones who has both had a remarkable basketball and law enforcement journey for us to dissect.

We chat about Bryn's memories of his playing days from being an MVP and championship winner from the Districts Competition to playing in the first three NBL seasons for the Perth Wildcats, being part of the early days of the SBL and also representing Australia.

We also discuss Bryn's memories with the Swan City Mustangs as they advance in our NCAA Tournament and talk about family for Bryn which includes now being brother-in-law of Mark Utley. 

Episode 8 of SBL Shootaround then continues as we move into looking at the Sweet 16 results of our NCAA Tournament before Ben Ettridge and Mark Utley predict their winners in the Elite 8 match ups.

We hope you all enjoy another jam packed show!

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 7

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 7

July 14, 2020

Episode 7 of SBL Shootaround is another that we are tremendously proud to bring you as the West Coast Classic approaches, we discuss the latest WNBL free agency news, delve into some coaching philosophies and then bring to you two very special guests with two people with an involvement in the SBL for over 30 years.

Episode 7 of SBL Shootaround begins with co-hosts Chris Pike and Randy Miegel introducing the show which will feature a former teammate of Randy's at the Goldfields Giants, Calvin 'Doc' Earl and current Perth Redbacks head coach and inaugural Geraldton Buccaneers player, Craig Allen.

Before we get to the guests, we do have a discussion over some of Randy's coaching principles and beliefs in a conversation recommended for any aspiring coaches.

It's then time to get to our guests and first up is the legendary Doc Earl. Having grown up in Richmond, California and then attended college in Oregon, he brought his talents to Kalgoorlie and never looked back.

He would go on to play 273 games with the Goldfields Giants including most of those seasons in the 1990s with Randy as his point guard and then two seasons with him as coach. The all-time SBL steals leader talks about how he would get 30 steals in games in the SBL today as he reflects on his remarkable career which featured some dunks that he sure hasn't forgotten.

Discussion also surrounds what brought him to Kalgoorlie and why he has stayed ever since, why he wanted to go home after two weeks but after four years he knew it was home, and even reveals to us where the nickname Doc came from!

We then turn our attention to current Perth Redbacks head coach Craig Allen, and talk about what 2020 has been like for him preparing a team for the SBL season, having that taken away and now getting a group ready again for the West Coast Classic.

We also discuss his long involvement in basketball that started in Geraldton in 1989 and has seen him move into coaching roles in the WABL, at state level and as an SBL assistant at the Willetton Tigers before getting the Redbacks role as head coach in 2019.

We also discuss Craig's career as a physiotherapist, his life as a husband and father of five, and plenty more.

Randy and Chris then close the show with some talk about the West Coast Classic and sign off for another week.

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Men’s SBL Shootaround - Ryan Gardiner Bonus Episode

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Ryan Gardiner Bonus Episode

July 13, 2020

Once again this week's Men's SBL Shootaround was too big to be contained to one episode and we are pleased to bring you this very special bonus release as a result.

SBL Shootaround co-hosts Chris Pike and Ben Ettridge already brought you a packed show this week where we discussed the latest West Coast Classic news, talked about the next stage of our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Champions and spoke with Goldfields Giants head coach and the all-time SBL blocked shots leader Wayne Creek.

But now we are delighted to release this bonus episode where we have a very special chat with dual Perry Lakes Hawks championship winning point guard Ryan Gardiner.

Of course, we discuss that playing career with Ryan and also playing under the legendary coaching of his father, John, but that's just the beginning of where this bonus episode takes us.

Ryan talks about the special era that he played in at the Perry Lakes Hawks which included time with teammates like CJ Bruton, Matt Burston, Pete Hansen, Andy Uphoff, Dion Dagostino, Scott Harkess, Chris Carroll and so many more.

But Ryan's career has been a remarkable one beyond his playing days as well and don't forget, he was also a Perth Wildcats NBL Championship winner in 1995.

Ryan has done a wide array of things since including remaining involved in basketball with work at Basketball WA, running events in conjunction with Basketball Australia, FIBA and the NBL, working at the Perth Wildcats, being general manager at the South Dragons, and now working on the installation side of the Boomering business.

There's so much more to the Ryan Gardiner story than we can share here, but it's a fascinating discussion about everything to do with basketball and life, and we urge you to check it out!

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 7

Men’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 7

July 7, 2020

Once again our latest episode of SBL Shootaround couldn't be contained to one show so on top of this packed release that includes all the latest on our Ultimate SBL Champions tournament and a chat with Goldfields Giants legend Wayne Creek, we'll be releasing a special bonus episode too.

With just three weeks now until the beginning of the West Coast Classic which will replace the SBL for 2020, the fixtures have been released and we discuss the Round 1 match ups to open up SBL Shootaround for this week with co-hosts Chris Pike and Ben Ettridge.

We then move into a discussion over the future coaching goals of Ettridge and what he might still want to achieve in his career considering everything he's already done at the Joondalup Wolves and with the Australian Rollers.

It's then time for our special guest for this episode and it's current Goldfields Giants coach and the SBL's all-time blocked shots leader, Wayne Creek. Growing up in Kalgoorlie, starting as a development player and then retiring after the Grand Final triumph of 2007, it was a remarkable playing journey over 312 games that he had with the Giants.

Since he has continued to give back to the club and is entering his second season in his second stint as head coach.

We discuss all of that but it's the fascinating stories he shares along the way and the views on basketball he expresses that truly make this a must-listen to discussion.

It's then time to focus on our NCAA Tournament to crown the Ultimate SBL Championship team. We discuss the Round of 32 results as decided by the votes of our listeners and Ben Ettridge is joined by Kalamunda Eastern Suns head coach Mark Utley to offer their predictions for the eight match ups in the Sweet 16 round.

And don't forget as well as this packed episode, we'll be releasing a bonus show this week featuring our chat with two-time Perry Lakes Hawks championship, 1995 Perth Wildcats champion and someone who has continued to be heavily involved in basketball beyond his playing days, Ryan Gardiner.

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 6

Women’s SBL Shootaround - Episode 6

July 6, 2020

With just three weeks until official basketball action returns with the West Coast Classic, things are heating up on SBL Shootaround with another packed show with a special interview with a superstar from perhaps Western Australia's greatest sporting family.

Basketball Writer Chris Pike and Goldfields Giants legend and two-time SBL Coach of the Year Randy Miegel are back for another episode of SBL Shootaround and we begin by looking back on last week's show where we were joined by Craig Mansfield.

We then discuss the latest free agency news in the WNBL including Maddie Allen and Alex Ciabattoni signing at the Perth Lynx along with Ali Schwagmeyer joining the Sydney Uni Flames.

We then take a look at the players currently in the SBL or set to play in the West Coast Classic who deserve a look in at WNBL level.

It's then time for our very special guest for this episode, Melissa Marsh. We look back on her outstanding basketball career which included 266 WNBL games where she remains the all-time leader with 243 for Perth Lynx/West Coast Waves along with 267 SBL games at the Willetton Tigers. She also won four championships with Willetton which is the club closest to her heart as she discusses.

Now a mother of two, Min (she explains that nickname too) talks about her desire to get back involved in basketball as a coach while also reflecting with some fascinating stories about her playing career that lasted 15 years and even saw her play a season with the Adelaide Fellas!

She also discusses her famous family with her father Geoff and brothers Mitch and Shaun having played cricket for Australia, so there's that and so much more in a discussion we hope you all enjoy listening to as much as we did recording it.

We finish the show by looking at the release of the West Coast Classic fixtures, talk about a potential Goldfields Giants women's team and more.

All made possible thanks to Bassett-Scarfe Realty (

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